Cattle Herd Owner

The original way to store wealth, now modernized.

Secure a resilient food supply for your family while also diversifying your portfolio into completely decoupled, uncorrelated, real-yielding hard assets. Minimum investment is as low as 1k.

At the same time your investment works towards healing the land and rebuilding our world, starting right here in the US. Pretty incredible, right?

Become a Cattle Herd owner! And no worries, you don’t have to raise any actual cattle because our land stewards do that for you. Only now you get direct participation in preserving endangered North American breeds and grass fed beef you helped create, all raised in land healing regenerative agriculture systems.

For now, you have to go through the sign-up process and interview to get direct access to our farmers to be a part. In the future we will develop these investments into liquid instruments that you can trade in freely among our growing community. Easily diversify into different farms all over the country.

Video playlist explaining how we will use these animals to heal the land and steward our world.

Why heritage breeds and the hybrid line we are developing (coming soon)

Typical Cattle Co-op Contract (link coming soon)

Let’s make something together.