The Cattle Co-op

Welcome to the Movement

We are the decentralized resistance.

Cattle and land come first. Everything else is next.

Choose Your Path


Are you wanting to create safety for your family but need stewards to help you do so?

Homestead Rancher

Do you want to get off the grid but don’t have the financing or want to homestead but don’t know how?

We have tried to play God and control all outcomes without the humility of learning the true nature of the world around us. In doing so, we have suppressed creative destruction in the marketplace, displacing all risk into hidden and sudden chaos.

We traded the uncomfortable ebbs and flows of reality for temporary comfort and a false sense of security, one inevitably followed by abrupt destruction.

It was a bad trade. We must separate from the empire, and decouple our lives from what is coming.

We must heal the land and build holistic self-sufficiency. Home is calling.

It is time to return.