Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

Henry Kissinger

The what.

We are a matchmaking organization facilitating land regeneration through decentralized grazing co-ops. This is done by an interview process where we link investors desiring hard asset diversification into land and animals with ranchers desiring to steward them. These groups then use our open source toolkit for the formation of land trusts and cattle share contracts. 

The how.

Land management is done using low input regenerative grazing in the style of Greg Judy, but with a long timeframe focus on deep resilience. The goal is full decoupling of the ranch from supply chains (both feed and medical) by the use of ancient breed brush and woods type cattle with the genetic diversity to survive anything in any conditions.

The incentives.

Investments not only secure sustainable meat directly for your family solely off of the yield, but they also can generate cash flows or growth of the underlying position itself as the herd increases in animals. All of this is done while improving the land itself. 

This provides hard assets, both cattle and land, that are not only inflation-secured but also have real yields in a completely uncorrelated way.

For the homestead ranchers, we help offer them the resources to fulfill their dreams. Enabling not only self-sovereignty, but also a massive network of support backing them in all they do.

Our why.

The more marginal land we can acquire and steward the right way, the better we make our world as we enable self-sovereignty and freedom for those whose land we regenerate or table we put food on.

We believe this cannot be done in a centralized or top-down fashion, but few have the resources or skills to do it on their own. By doing this in a distributed way together, we can do this at a scale never before dreamed of with positive externalities that benefit us all

The Cattle Co-op

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Let’s make something together.