Land Trust Investor

Stewarding Our World

Do you want to diversify your investments into land ownership, while classifying it as agriculture to decrease the tax burden and thus carry cost? What if you could buy inexpensive scrubland and have it regenerated into beautiful and fertile land, getting it ready for you and your family?

Well you can, and we’ll do all the work for you.

Become a part of our network. We matchmake your investment with a land steward. In return for doing the work of using holistic animal management to restore to property your steward usually receives a part of the land for their family (usually an acre or two, about .5-1%).

Minimum viable size for this program depends on what part of the country you want to be in. On average around 100-200 acres, making these 100k-500k+ investments. We can also network you with other aligned investors and facilitate the formation of land trusts.

In the event that you no longer want the property for personal use, we can help you flip the (now much more valuable) land- for instance by doing things like building turnkey homestead communities and filling them with people who desire to live there.

The Method – Here is a playlist of concise videos on land regeneration, cattle, and how it works.

Typical Land Trust Agreement and typical Land Stewardship Pact (coming soon)