Homestead Rancher

Start your homestead today!

Want to return to the land but don’t have the funds? Do you want a more sustainable way of life but don’t know where to start? We are here to help.

We are accepting applications for land stewards who desire to be a part of our decentralized land regeneration network. Don’t worry if you don’t know how; we can train you! Work will require a minimum of 6 hours per week of assessing forage, reeling out poly wire, letting cows into the new area, and reeling it back up behind them.

In return, you get to live on a large tract of land that you are managing with a private acre or two carved off for you to build your homestead and garden as you see fit. Each of these agreements is unique. Most of our homesteaders are surprised how good the terms offered are.

Learn more about how land regeneration and cattle works.

Typical Land Stewardship Pact (coming soon)

Typical Cattle Co-op Contract (coming soon)

Sound great but not ready to start yet?

Jump in and start learning with us!

We are developing an education platform and a gig work/internship program. No more blindly jumping into opportunities without knowing what you are getting yourself into. We place a high emphasis on building long term relationships and trust.

Our desire is to equip you with everything you need to accomplish your dreams so that there are more of us working together to successfully steward this world. We hope after finishing your education you will choose to work with us. To do that we’ll to take good care of you and prepare you well.

Here’s the kind of work we might have you doing:

  • Helping put in fencing and water for ranches
  • Installing food forests
  • Helping build raised bed gardens or greenhouses
  • And (depending on what job you sign up for) possibly even hands-on time helping manage animals
  • All while working with someone whose brain you can pick the entire time you work

Learn more about how land regeneration and cattle works.

Our grazing curriculum (coming soon)

Curriculum on food forests and urban raised bed gardening (on the road-map)

How does this work?

You are not alone.

Despite how isolated and scattered we may at times feel, we have brothers and sisters who are with us. We are working to build a decentralized network of like-minded individuals to a build stronger and more anti-fragile world.

There are investors out there who need food resilience and secure fallbacks of sustainability for their families. People who are skilled in their field and making a difference where they are, but who need your help to keep them safe as they do so.

They provide the financing and we steward the animals and land to provide sustainable food. By investing our efforts together, we can begin to heal our world using methods like these.

Because together we are more.

Let’s make something together.